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With Alan Hackney’s I’m All Right Jack newly reissued in Finds it’s obviously much, much too good a chance to miss that we sneak in a couple of choice moments from the Boulting brothers’ classic 1959 Ealing screen adaptation of the novel, starring Peter Sellers and Terry-Thomas. Sellers’ performance as Fred Kite is probably still rated as one of his finest, and thought to be a reasonably faithful portrait (however comic/sardonic) of an enduringly recognisible British workplace ‘type’. I don’t know, though – after all it’s 50 years since this film was in cinemas – does Fred Kite really remind you of anyone these days…?


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We’ve been away a while – busy times at Faber Towers, not least in respect of big new plans for the Finds list – and so news updates around this parish have been in short supply. But here is the roll-call of the titles just reissued this month (with another batch to follow!)
I’m All Right Jack by Alan Hackney
The Papers of A. J. Wentworth, B.A. by H. F. Ellis
The Killing of Cinderella by Christopher Lee
Fables by T. F. Powys
It Was the Nightingale by Henry Williamson
A Curious Life for a Lady by Pat Barr
Lloyd George (Volume 4: War Leader 1916-18) by John Grigg
A Pre-Raphaelite Circle by Raleigh Trevelyan
Riviera by Jim Ring
Mr Secretary Peel by Norman Gash
Studies in Russian Music by Gerald Abraham

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