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Cover for a Brazilian edition of William Gibson's 'Neuromancer' depicting the Molly Millions character.

The excellent AbeBooks website here offers a splendid tribute to the life and publishing of the late Victor Gollancz; also presents a gallery of the heart-stirring yellow/typographical covers of some of Gollancz’s finest titles; and even directs you as to how you might purchase rare copies of same, albeit at some of the finest prices going… But then such is the value of fine writing and wise publishing.
You can select your own favourite from the clickable links at AbeBooks: I admit I found myself slightly startled on seeing – amid the array of Le Carre and Ballard and Du Maurier and Dorothy Sayers – also William Gibson’s Neuromancer , a work that in my youth was thought the epitome of hypermodernity i.e. a long way from a museum exhibit. But then Gollancz was always a great name in science-fiction on top of everything else. I was further intrigued, on clicking through, to find that while the yellow-jacketed Gollancz first edition of Neuromancer is certainly offered at a collector’s price, the real prize Abe puts forth to the aficianado is a copy of the corrected typescript from which the first edition was made.
Guilty Men, the anti-appeasement polemic penned by Michael Foot under the characteristic nom de plume ‘Cato’, is also for sale in a collector’s edition, though I’m happy to say we also offer it here at Faber Finds in a very reasonably-priced softcover.
Abe also notes that the leading biography of Gollancz is by Ruth Dudley Edwards. And I’m pleased to announce that Faber Finds will be reissuing said tome later this year.


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Richard T Kelly

The Bookseller brings the news:
“Faber has appointed author Richard T Kelly as editor of its print on demand imprint, Faber Finds.
Kelly succeeds John Seaton who had headed up the imprint since its launch in June 2008. Kelly’s first novel Crusaders was published by Faber in 2008, with his second, The Possessions of Doctor Forrest, to appear in June 2011. He has also written and presented television documentaries, and has contributed to a number of national newspapers as well as being a notable blogger (http://richard-t-kelly.blogspot.com).
Richard T Kelly said: “Like a great many writers and readers I was in love at first sight with the concept of Faber Finds as an expanding library of literary treasure, and so I’m very excited now by this opportunity to build on John Seaton’s work, to keep on restoring brilliant books to their natural readerships, and also to ensure that Finds establishes an online presence that draws all interested readers and writers into a passionate discussion of our literary culture.”
Stephen Page, Faber c.e.o. and publisher, said: “Faber Finds has always been about offering a service to authors, a way to make the wealth of their backlist titles available and to keep them available in good company. As Faber Finds builds on its early success and fast growth, it is wonderful to have an acclaimed writer with publishing experience at the helm.”
Faber Finds has so far brought about 750 books back into print, with 250 more schedule through 2012. Recent successes include reissues of John Julius Norwich’s Norman histories and Michael Foot’s Aneurin Bevan…”

More, much more to follow soon…

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